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Essay: Challenges to Archeology

Sample Essay Archeology however is faced with many challenges and as noted in International History Project in the sense remains that are historical and evidence to past human societies are disintegrated over time and thus not present within archeological records. Whereas surviving excavated remains have been stored through availability of favorable preservation conditions where they…
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Essay: Settlement and Mobility Archeology

Sample Essay In the contemporary world today, a lot of emphasis is been put on history. Globally, history is being considered a benchmark that can be used to solve the problems of the modern times. Great efforts are taking place from one country to the next to acquire clear and concrete proofs on historical facts.…
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Essay: Archeology-site locations

Sample Essay Before 1940, archaeologists prepared site locations and site maps, but little attention was paid to settlement patterns. There were few detailed studies emphasizing the disposition of artifacts and ruins over large regions prior to Willey’s investigations of Peru’s VirĂº Valley.

Essay: Excavations in Archeology

Sample Essay From our study, we can see that excavation plays a very big role in understanding history. It offers credibility to theoretical knowledge we have as far as different aspects of our historical knowledge are concerned. Indeed, settlement and mobility will make little sense if it is not backed by some concrete evidence. Whenever…
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