Case Study

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Case Study

Case study is a type of academic paper in which students are required to do research and analysis of a real life case and presents it in writing. Students use their theoretical knowledge and intellect to study and solve the case. Students are given this assignment to make them exposed to real world cases related to their field of study.

Writing a case study is a very technical task. You have to write the case study in such a way that the reader actually experiences all the research and logics embedded in the case. You should have a proper command over your subject or topic to which the case is related so that you develop the case study with proper evidences and justifications.

Here are a few guidelines which would help you write an excellent case study:

Research: Refer to different print and electronic media to gather information related to your case. Read past cases of similar kind and see what conclusions and recommendations were made. While doing research you would certainly come up with some idea of how you would solve your case and what information is essential for you.

Take guidance: For doing a case study it is suggested to talk to people related to the field. People having experience of solving cases would certainly help you through, or provide you with some important material.

Make a draft: Write all the material you have gathered on a paper as a draft of your case study. Do some brainstorming and write all that you have understood so far after the research. Also include the information you have collected throughout the research.

Arrange your draft: After writing all the details about the case study, arrange them in an orderly manner. Check the points which help you in solving your case and highlight them so that you find them easily while writing the case study.

Write the case study: Finally, write your case study which is to be submitted to the teacher. Describe the case and its background. Give the supportive information regarding legal statutes or policies to solve such cases. Write the result you have achieved and support it with proper justification and evidences.

Revision: Revise your case study and make corrections for grammar, punctuations, spellings etc where required. See for any technical errors which may lose your marks. Get it read by someone else to make sure you have done well.

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