Case Study on the Big Pharma’s Marketing Tactics

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Case Study on the Big Pharma’s Marketing Tactics

Sample Case Study

Facts and Assumptions

The term ‘Big Pharma’ is a terminology used to refer to the pharmaceutical industry. The name relates to people’s strong belief that it has played an active role in the ever increasing complicity and costs of health care. There is a crisis in the health care sector and it is believed that the Pharmaceutical Companies have abandoned science and resorted to salesmanship. No reasonable progress is currently being made in the industry due to the negative perception created by unscrupulous marketing strategies being employed (Archie 2009).

Doctors should prescribe drugs to patients but are never expected to do marketing and advertising of their products and services. The other fact in the case study is that unethical business practices such as Pfizer’s off-label marketing practices and undue influence to medicines that should be prescribed by doctors to patient, normally lead to a likely increase in the cost of medical services due to the unfair and unleveled competition. The assumption among most people, which is not the truth, is that all pharmaceutical companies engage in dubious marketing tactics. The other assumption is that the Big Pharma companies sell unethical drugs. However, the truth is that the company sells ethical drugs even though the marketing strategies employed by the company are of questionable standards.

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