Business report on strategic management

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Business report on strategic management

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In this fast moving global world characterized by high competition in the business environment, many firms have to adjust to cope with market dynamism in order for them to remain on the local and global market. In this respect the world largest and major motor manufacturing company Ford Motors faces same challenge today.  For instance, financial year that ended on September 2006 alone it had registered a loss of US$ 12.7 billion.   This historical drop in an icon of American business enterprise is traced back during the reign of Jacques Nasser to William Clay Ford Jr. up to known turnaround expert at airplanes division at Boeing Mr. Mulally.

Therefore in acknowledging this challenge in the present Motor business environment, this research paper attempts to oversee, analyze and recommend the best possible approaches in efforts to implement a turnaround at Ford Motors. This shall ensure organizational restructuring aimed at enhancing financial growth through streamlining the product portfolio. Additionally, to improve the productivity levels of Ford Motors to much the globalized Motor industry competition so as to regain it market share.

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