Assumptions and Limitations of the report

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Assumptions and Limitations of the report

The assumption being made in this research paper is that the findings being made and the overall conclusion to the entire process is assumed that women belong to an almost similar background and that no traditions and other related cultural background have any special influence to the research findings (Academic Medicine, 2002).

A number of limitations could be attributed to the research findings and the entire research findings carried out (Guston & Sarewitz, 2002). The survey only considered a small population which may not be a fair representation of the entire women population (Richter, 1991). Biasness and lack of openness may also be another hindrance to the research process.

1.10 Conclusion

A number of issues that relate to the conceptual design of the dissertation have been discussed in this chapter. The hypothesis of the research intends to find out what the actual role and opportunities of women in leadership is. The various research limitation and findings based on different groups of people have also been discussed.

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