Article review on anthropology

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Article review on anthropology

Article Review

Anthropology is the study of human beings in terms of origin, cultural, social and physical development and behavior. It is divided in to four major sections namely biological, cultural, linguistic and social anthropology. Biological anthropology is one of the branches of anthropology and studies the diversity in human species. It incorporates the changes in behavior, culture and physical appearance among other factors. Initially, biological anthropology was known as physical anthropology and only dealt with the study of bones, skull shapes and skeletons in both fossils and modern populations (Harrison 2).

He even once carried a study between modern Palestinian Arabs and Iron Age remains from where he noted differences in only half of the factors measured. Since it was hard for the researchers to conclude their findings based on comparison of modern populations and fossils, better study methods had to be derived. Because of these difficulties, modern populations were compared with other modern populations from where it was concluded that body shapes and sizes of people depended on climate with the body surface area decreasing as latitude increased. To further support this conclusion, mice living in hot environments had to be compared with others living in temperate regions. The conclusions were that those living in hot areas had longer tails than the others did. This research proved that animals had to develop adaptive characteristics for them to fit in the areas they live in.

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