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Art Essays

Writing art essays is very creative task. The objective of writing art essays is to analyze a piece of art and describe it in the writer’s perspective, and not in the perspective of the original creator of it. Arts students are made to write arts essays to develop a quality of analyzing the artistic objects in depth.

When you are assigned to write an art essay, you should start thinking in a broader viewpoint. Here are a few guidelines of how you should write an effective art essay:

ü  Evaluate the art object carefully.  See what comes in your mind first. Start writing all you have in your mind on a piece of paper. It may be the questions of how and why this artistic piece was created or what the artist was thinking while making it etc. Do some brainstorming for a couple of minutes and write what you thought. Also include any personal experience which the object reminds you of, or any feeling of joy or sorrow which you have with regard to the object.

ü  Now analyze the object and see what it actually reflects. The making of it, the contents and the impression it carries in it are a few things which you would analyze. Write details about the object. Find out what made the artist create that artistic object.

ü  After doing all the analysis start writing your art essay. In the introduction, write the name, origin and brief information about what the object is. Develop a thesis statement in which you reflect your point of view which you would discuss in the essay.

ü  In the main body of the essay, discuss each quality in one paragraph. Give detailed explanation about what you observed in the object and what features are appeared in it.

ü  In the conclusion write your point of view about the object. Give your opinion precisely and rephrase the thesis statement so that the reader understands what your object of study was, and what impression it has lasted on you.

Writing art essays is quite an interesting; however, it is not easy too. You need to be very judgmental and a good analyst who evaluates the object from every angle.

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