Arranged by Stefan Schaefer film report

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Arranged by Stefan Schaefer film report

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This movie, Arranged, by Schaefer was released in 2007 and revolves around two young women working in a multi-cultural school in Brooklyn. One woman happens to religious Muslim while the other is an orthodox Jew, Nasira and Zoe Lister-Jones respectively. Though they come from different cultural backgrounds, they become friends in their first year as they work together and share a common problem originating from their cultural background.

The aim of Schaefer is to display the importance of overcoming cultural difference and work as a team to fight a common problem. Though these two women are from different cultural and religious background, there main problem is that they are being married off as their custom demands. More so, they cannot secure suitable mates in their traditional setting where the parents should find suitable bridegroom for their daughters.      Schaefer is also able to display the challenges women face in the secular world, this is further complicated by the fact that these women are religious. Schaefer is also able to display positive facts about these Judaism and Islam besides being able to reveal a lot of respect for these two women. The film does not deal with the issue of religion being oppressive toward women, which is major issue in most religions, but it is an issue slightly touched on as Schaefer reveals the character of the school principle. Concisely, the reason for making this film is to demonstrate the importance of different religions and cultures living in harmony as a united society through which we solve our individual problems collectively.

In the movie, there are no notable differences between the two women. The only difference is that the two have difference religious and cultural background.

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