Argumentative essay-up to date weapons

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Argumentative essay-up to date weapons

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Up to date weapons are a prerequisite in ensuring a successful operation. There has been a concern especially after the unsuccessful operations that the weaponry was old-fashioned. A good example is the Korean war which the commander LTC Charles Smith commanded, having a superb force but with World-War II era weapons, something that killed the morale of the Army (Heller & Stofft 1968). The choice of weapons, old ones for this matter has had a far-reaching consequence when it comes to delivery and ultimate success of the operations.

What can also be said as a setback on the preparedness of the US military in operations is the failure to be dynamic. Dynamism is an important aspect in ensuring less wastage of time in doing an overhaul of any given aspect. The case of attack by North Korea in 1949 was as a result of abrupt change in the 24th Infantry Division where the primary mission shifted from occupation duties to training. It had trained to Battalion level and was moving to Regiment and Division level training when North Korea attacked. This lack of dynamism compromised the ability of the forces to retaliate or even prevent the attack promptly (Heller & Stofft 1968).

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