Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is quite a challenging task. An argumentative essay is one in which you have to select a topic on which you will develop an argument and make the reader understand and believe argument. For an easy understanding of how to write an argumentative essay, here are a few guidelines.

1)      To begin with, gather all the relevant information regarding your topic. In order to collect information you can always refer to websites and books. See for both positive and negative aspects of the topic. Take one position to develop your argument at. If you think the positive facts are correct, take your position in developing argument in favor of the topic, and vice versa.

2)      Write down all the facts and evidences on a paper. Also write the details of the opposite position and collect information to support your argument against it. Make sure all the sources of information are reliable.

3)      Give a sequence to the information you have gathered. Put the details in an order of priority to write in your essay.

4)      After having sufficient material, write your argumentative essay. Start with the introduction about your topic. Explain what it is. Develop a thesis statement that gives the reader an idea of what you are trying to express.

5)      In the middle paragraphs, begin with the opposite side of the position you have chosen. Then develop your arguments against it. Make sure you do not put any biased statements that may cause the reader to hyper up or get a negative impact of your argument. Use neutral statements and proper evidences to support your line of reasoning.

6)      In the conclusion, give a brief summary of your essay. Rephrase the thesis statement in the conclusion which makes the reader understand the whole concept behind the essay.

7)      Finally, revise your essay more than once. You are certain to make editing in first reading. Check for grammar, vocabulary and spelling that they are correct, because any writing errors in them put a bad impact on the teacher and can result in lesser scores than what you deserve.

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