Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Clarkson, Holstein, Suzy. “Silent Justice in a Different Key: Glaspell’s Trifles.” The MidwestQuarterly journal, 44.1 (2003): 282-290.

According to Clarkson, Glaspell shows that women actions are mere trifles for men need to plan and execute everything in the society. All the issues of women are seen to be unimportant and baseless for they cannot help in solving an issue in the society. As Clarkson argues, Glaspell‘s questioning is not about the roles women play in the society but about how perspective and knowledge is devalued or valued within different contexts. Clarkson notes that the men approach Mr. Wright’s residence as a crime scene while the women can only approach this residence as a home showing that the two genders cannot view the residence the same.

Although the women know the truth that can be help the man in their investigation, they are not given the opportunity to share their knowledge with the men. Clarkson argues that Glaspell is able to show how the women’s knowledge is able to help them gain power. According to Clarkson, Glaspell tries to show that the women need to protect the rights of their fellow woman since they are of the same gender and because they know that the laws made by men will have no pity on women. According to Clarkson, the women have concealed the truth, this is justified, and even the actions of the murderer are justified. According to Clarkson, Glaspell’s literary work is about the opposing perspectives and roles of both men and women.

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