Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

Every student has a dream to get graduated from the college or university of high reputation and remarkable career results. However, the admission in these educational institutes is not so easy. They have a procedure of entrance interviews and admission essays through which the evaluators decide which candidate to select for admission.

A well written admission essay would certainly win you admission in that particular college or university. But for that, you need to study properly to write a unique essay. Admission essay is one in which you describe about your own self. Your previous education, your achievements, your future planning and ambitions are a few things which are must. This essay gives you an opportunity to analyze yourself and describe it in an essay. Here are a few tips to write a unique admission essay:

ü  Start with brainstorming. As a rough draft, write down all about yourself; your ambition, strengths, weaknesses etc. Do not write stories and experiences. Keep it concise.

ü  Write about the reason why you want to achieve admission in that particular college or university. Do not give wordy statements rather, be specific in giving facts.

ü  Write about your academic achievements. Do not praise yourself; this would leave a negative impact on the reader. Describe about your hard work and dedication which brought you success.

ü  After writing sufficient information to fill in your essay, start writing your admission essay. Be careful in choosing citation. Format of the essay includes introduction, middle paragraphs and conclusion.

ü  In the introduction write about yourself; who you are, and some relevant personal information.

ü  In middle paragraphs, explain first about your reason for choosing the particular university for you future study, what field you are interested in, how you can contribute to that particular field and what motivates you especially which will keep you engaged in that field.

ü  In one paragraph write about your strengths and achievements, your weaknesses and what measures you have taken to overcome your weaknesses, and your hobbies etc. Make sure you do not write long stories describing events or begin with your bad experiences to gain sympathy of the reader. This will sound unprofessional and could lead your essay to junk.

ü  In the conclusion, give a brief summary of your essay and your eagerness to get admission in the university or college.

ü  Your admission essay should be unique and professionally written so that it impresses the evaluator and win you the admission. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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