Academic Plagiarism; Causes and Effects

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Academic Plagiarism; Causes and Effects

Plagiarism is copying the content written or composed by a person and presenting as one’s own. Academic plagiarism arises when the students copy the material and content from different sources and present it as their own originally written piece of writing.

What Causes The Academic Plagiarism?

Students at various educational levels are required to write academic papers on numerous topics. From high schools to PhD level, it is mandatory for the students to do research work, write essays, make dissertation, do case studies, term papers, coursework etc. While doing these academic writings, students are found plagiarizing the content from different sources of electronic and print media.

There could be two main causes of academic plagiarism; either the student is overburdened by writing the assignments in short time, or is seeking a shortcut in writing assignment without making any efforts. Now both the situations are opposite. At one side the student is doing hard work and effort but still could not make it and eventually copies content from other sources in order to finish the assignment within the given date. While on the other, the student is not ready to do any hard work. S/he copies all the content from different sources and presents as her/his own original piece of work.

What Are The Effects Of Academic Plagiarism?

This evil of academic plagiarism has ruined the quality of education. The intellectual competence of hard working students is being threatened by the immoral activities of academic plagiarism.

Most of the teachers have now taken measures to catch the assignments which are plagiarized. The students who are caught plagiarizing academic papers are punished in several ways like:

  • Doing all the assignments from the beginning again
  • Insulted in front of class mates and other teachers for submitting false assignments
  • Penalized with substantial amount of money for infringement of copyrights of the original author
  • They are taken to courts for doing unethical activity of plagiarizing dissertations and research reports at graduate levels.
  • At worst, the students are expelled from the institute for deceiving the teachers by providing copied assignments.

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