Month: January 2019

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Essay: Why God Allows Evil to Happen

Sample Essay The bible makes us believe that there are so many sinners who God punished after they committed different mistakes. For example, He was fed up with the world that He saved only Noah and several others by rain. He advocates for forgiveness and yet He committed this crime of killing. Does it mean…
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Essay: Who Murdered King Laius

Sample Essay The king is not a fast thinker as it is evidenced in the way he cannot understand issues unless they are explained to him in details. He cannot understand the riddles told to him by the prophet but just keeps on insulting him and judges him falsely.

Essay: Who should be Blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet

Sample Essay Tybalt is a character who can also be blamed for the death of the two lovers because he is the one who starts a chain of deaths. As the deaths continue to occur, they happen to take the lives of Romeo and Juliet. After Romeo attends a party of the Tybalt‚Äôs clan, Tybalt…
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Essay: Why Nurses Switch to other Professions

Sample Essay The above-mentioned studies show that nurses are feeling unappreciated and they are willing to find other forms of employment. The results show that some nurses who are finding it difficult to continue working as nurses although there has been a shortage of the said professionals. They are either dissatisfied with the way they…
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