Month: December 2018

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Essay: Work Redesigning

Sample Essay After the job analysis, work redesigning is a strategy that integrates the organizational structure and the human resources management. In this case, the whole of the work structure is redefined and new teams and structures to enhance performance of an organization. These new structures are later evaluated to determine their success and corrective…
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Essay: World Trade Center Disaster

Sample Essay The impact of the planes led to extensive damage to columns, which hold the building. This also led to displacement of the insulation coating which was responsible for guarding the steel floor trusses and steel columns from fire. The planes had only left the airport, which means that they had a lot of…
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Essay: You’ve Got Mail

Sample Essay You’ve Got Mail is an American comedy that was produced in 1998 by Warner Bros about two secret lovers who only communicate through mails and are not aware that they are rivals in business. At the start of the play, we learn that Kathleen has a boyfriend but soon the boyfriend leaves the…
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Time Management Essay

Time management is one of the interesting topics that a student may consider writing about in an essay, whether at a college or university level. To start with, time is the most valuable resources at anyone’s disposal. It can’t be bought or stored but can be used constructively. Managing it well implies that certain techniques…
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