Month: March 2018

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Methods of Penetration Testing

There are three main types or methods of penetrating testing. These are known as the White Box Model, the Black Box Model, and the Gray Box Model. In the White Box Model, the penetration testing is informed regarding the technology and topology of network at work in the company having the penetration testing done. An…
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Jon Snow’s Parentage in ASOIAF

George R. R. Martin’s magnum opus “A Song of Ice and Fire” is as legendary as it is unpredictable as a story. There simply is so character safe from the notorious pen of the man that has laid waste to main character after main character until the concept simply does not remain in this epic…
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Is Cesc Fabregas a Traitor?

Arsene Wenger is known to conjure up unknown talent out of relative obscurity and to turn it into world-class superstars time and again, much like an illusionist takes something ordinary and makes it do something extraordinary. So, when Wenger interrupted his vacation to come down to London himself to make the offer to Fabregas in…
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IPv6 Addressing

The Internet Protocol version 6 (Ipv6) system for IP addressing is important for security professional. This protocol has not been designed keeping in mind security. This causes many vulnerabilities in networks. This protocol was made to enhance the IP address space and to give added security. Rather than the four bytes utilized in IPv4, the…
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