Month: January 2018

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Essay: SHRM Framework to Retain Employees

Job Enrichment: This is to provide ample opportunities to move upwards in an organization. Although this is not feasible in certain organizations. This will help improve the morale of employees and help them develop their career and fulfill their need of self actualization. If this need is fulfilled then employees are most likely to stick…
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Language Learning Blogs

Have you been looking for helpful language learning blogs as you are taking a language course at college or university? There is no doubt that looking at the sentences and phrases of a new language does have a scary sight. On the other hand, if you pick a suitable blog, you would not have to…
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Essay: The road to Nirvana

What is Nirvana? No it’s certainly not the American rock band, nor is it a girl’s name. Nirvana is an advance state of the human body both mentally and physically, in which you do not feel any suffering, desire of any kind, nor conceited and Karma, dead cycle free zone. It is a Buddhist ideology,…
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Protecting Language

Language is a factor which helps us stay connected with the world around us and not only that but with our own community and group. Many governments around the world have attempted to protect their own native language by creating bans on what they declare to be foreign cultural intrusions.