Month: September 2017

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Journalism types

The power of media is increasing over time. For most of American history the media has been bias, much of the news were the voice of the political parties, these type of news are called partisan journalism.  The media is a common carrier role by being a link between the government and people. This is…
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Should Wealthy Nations Share Their Wealth Among Poorer Nations?

This century has been the most progressive since man started living in communities and becoming civilized. With the advent of globalization, third world countries seem to face innumerable problems, especially in the field of education and the provision of food. Most third world countries, especially in Africa have practically no resources for the education of…
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Should Models Have a Minimum Weight Limit?

People generally associate being very thin with modeling. Usually, that happens because that is what the industry demands out of most of the models because clothes look better when they’re worn by tall and lean people.  Sometimes, “skinniness seems to be more than necessary and it bothers outside observers including people in the industry. So,…
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