Month: July 2017

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Security of US borders and Illegal Immigration

U.S. Border Patrol was founded in 1924, and since then has a history of service to America.  Although huge changes have taken place since then nearly every part of its functions are the same as they were from its earliest days.  The fundamental standards that helped shape the Patrol in the early years which include…
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Original sin

  The Original sin is also known as the ancestral sin, which is believed and documented in Christianity. It defines the state of humanity of the sin which was made as a resulted from the fall of man, starting from Adam’s rebellion in Eden. In detail it was the result of Adam eating the forbidden…
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For many years Astronomy has been a crucial element to give explanation about the world around us. It is assumed that one of the reasons the Stonehenge in England was made was to honor the solstices and equinoxes. Solstice includes two Latin words joined together, sol (sun) and sister (to stand still), because when solstice…
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Essay: Respiratory syncytial virus

RSV is the common cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants and young children and also a major cause of morbidity in this age group. RSV infection is usually seasonal and peaks in the winter months from November to March (Aitken, 2001).