Month: July 2013

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Essay: Spanish-American war

In 1898, Americans sought liberation from the Spaniards in the famous Spanish-American war. The war actually sprang from revolutions in Cuba and the psyche spread to America where Spain had been accused of countless atrocities, including the sinking of an American battleship in Maine.

Essay: Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

Bigsten, A; et al. “Glass Growth and Poverty Reduction inEthiopia: Evidence from Household Panel Surveys.” World Development 31 (1) (2003): 87-106. (Using Quantitative research method) Deaton, A. “Counting the World’s Poor: Problems and Possible Solutions” The World Bank Research Observer (2001): 125-147.

Essay: Risk Management at Melbourne Food Festival

The festival is supported fully by government organizations since it’s for a national cause so there are no legal issues. But there are certain risks and they are as follows (Melbourne, 2009).  : New and inexperienced staff incorporated in the event Uncertainties like weather issues or an unexpected power breakdown.

Essay: Rivera made Most of his Paintings at the Secretariat of Public Education

Most of his earlier paintings were made at the Secretariat of Public Education, Mexico City. These paintings were mainly concerned with the Mexican society by the reflecting the 1910 revolution in the country.