Month: December 2012

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Essay: Group Therapy Counseling

In a group therapy, all members have the right to choose their counterparts in the group in order to comprehend an individuals’ capability in contributing towards group functioning.

Essay: Homocystenuria is a Metabolic Disorder

Homocystinuria is a metabolic disorder. This results from the deficiency of cystathionine beta-synthase. The eyes, central nervous systems, skeletal and vascular systems are all part of clinical pathology.

Essay: Implementation of Nursing Clinical Competence

The three cases discussed above have shown the implementation of the nursing clinical competence in their assessment of their patients. It is by applying professionalism and using the right techniques that these nurses helped the patients brought into the hospital eave the same hospital revitalized and full of energy in them.

Essay: Importance of family involvement in child protection services

The focus of the child protection services revolves around the ability of the social workers to identify threats to safety of the child. In an effort to achieve this objective, the family institution is important and it should work closely with social workers and children agencies to foster the welfare of the children in a…
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