Month: November 2012

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Essay: Plague and flood in Atrahasis

Moreover, the gods granted Utnapishtim immortality due to his role in saving humanity in the flood. The gods also have the power to kill, or rather, have power over death. The famine, plague and flood in Atrahasis were specifically meant to kill the excess number of humans inhabiting the earth so the gods could have…
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Essay: Enki in Atrahasis

The gods are kind, and take care of human beings. For instance, Enki in Atrahasis prevented the end of the human race on numerous occasions when they had been marked for annihilation. He gave word to Atrahasis to build the boat so that at the very least, a small number of humans could be saved.…
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Essay: The importance of wellness programs

The essence of the research is to demonstrate to us the importance of wellness programs, and how far the concept has been integrated in the work place. To this end, the research has two objectives. The first objective is to prove that wellness can increase productivity.

Essay: The Epics of Atrahasis and Gilgamesh

The Epics of Gilgamesh and Atrahasis are two near Eastern works (specifically Sumerian) considered being some of the oldest in the known world. Atrahasis, written in poetic form, describes the story of the creation; that is how and why man was made. The reason for the creation of man was that the gods needed someone…
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