Month: August 2012

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Essay: Admission is Not a Guarantee

However, admission is not always a guarantee. Past failures may often be a hindrance. However, there are always doors of opportunity for those who know what they want. Adult students may have it easy because they are serious with their studies, have gone through life and know what they want.

Essay: Abstract

This paper analysis the production aspects of Stickely Furniture Company, by using production processes, facility layout processes, operational management principles. It is realised that production processes, practices, facility layout and Stickely’s production policy have made the company realise increased productivity, efficiency, production of quality products that satisfy customers. These have improved the company’s performance especially…
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Essay: Abstract Nature of REquirements

Given the abstract nature of customers’ requirements, Gauging service quality has been such a daunting task. Researchers and practitioners have often resorted to direct questioning customers to mentally approximate “Performance” against their “expectations” as away of streamlining their services in conformance with clients needs.

Essay: Issue of the Country of Origin

However the marketing strategy should be able to address the issue of the country of origin. This should give the customer the satisfaction of having the knowledge on the country of origin and the country of manufacture. However the marketing mix approach is advised as it will utilize the both market approaches. This is in…
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