Month: July 2012

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Essay: A Memorable Photograph

The picture does not show my elder brother, in his blue jeans and school jumper. I will never forget the first moment I laid eyes on him, he looked taller and thinner. I thought for a moment he was sick. But his eyes were bright and shinny, he had a bounce in his walk, and…
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Essay: Describing scenes in a photograph

This picture doesn’t show my auntie, grandmother from my father’s side and a neighbor who were seated in the house. My friends from the neighborhood were all in the back yard playing. My best friends Stacy and Lucy were seated in the gazebo, where we were playing with our dolls. I had left them to…
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Essay: The basic concepts of logic

The basic concepts of logic are the use of premises and concepts they are deduction, induction and abduction. Deduction is logic based on the face value of a premise taking a step by step approach from the premise to the conclusion.

Essay: Great evolution of the prison system

Today the focus of the prison system is to rehabilitate more than to punish, which has seen the great evolution of the prison system in the last century. The desire to separate criminals and punish them away from the society has greatly influenced the architecture of the prison Carlson and Garrett (2007). Some forms of…
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