Month: June 2012

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Essay: The Summary of the Interviewees Details on BBS

First five interviewees who signed up for the interview were all from the same university and all are currently doing their bachelor’s in Computer Science and all share an avid passion for computers and for the virtual world. According, to them the BBS was a godsend as it allowed them to break free and out…
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Essay: Past achievers of the Nobel peace awards

The selection of the nominations of persons to fit the criteria that had been laid by Alfred has been a difficult and tedious job. This is evident from the fact that in nineteen years, only five awards had been presented. Often this occurred while a major war was in progress, but no award was made…
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Essay: The prison architecture and system

The prison architecture and system has come a long way from the loud and crowded jails and dungeons that marked the prison system in the 1700s. It is clear that the architect of the prison influences the way an inmate experiences confinement. According to Bosworth (2002) the shape and style of the building, and the…
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Essay: The first nuclear arms treaty

The treaty has been hailed as the first nuclear arms treaty where all the nations have agreed not to employ nuclear research in the area and is the prime example of international cooperation, especially since it was adhered to even in times of the Cold War when the USA and the Soviet Union were dead…
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