Month: March 2012

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Essay: Promotion of Chevron products

Sample Essay The company has been involved in promotion of its products through multiple avenues. First off, it makes use of television advertisement to promote the Chevron brand and particularly highlight features of appeal, such as Chevron’s commitment to stemming environmental pollution and the fact that the company is the highest spender in this regard…
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Essay: Project proposal

Sample Essay It is proposed that the news of the relocation should be given to the employees in as straightforward a manner as possible without hiding the facts. The adverse impact can be cushioned by using grapevine to communicate some of the worst case alternatives in discussion, such as a move towards downsizing, and then…
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Essay: Profitability Variables

Sample Essay Net interest margin is the difference between the interest income as of the borrower and interest expense to the depositors expressed as a percentage of average received assets. NIM is a basic method that measures how profitable a bank is in terms of loans for conventional banks. However, Net Income Margin (NIM) for…
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Essay: Product’s Image in Advertisements

Sample Essay The customer is made to buy into the product’s image by interpreting the codes hidden within. Similarly Williamson takes the same standpoint in reporting that adverts ‘create structures of meaning’ and make customers identify common aspects and signs that are known to most in everyday life.