Month: February 2012

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Essay: Role of oral contraceptive in avoiding Pregnancy

Sample Essay As mentioned earlier this study conducted a time series analysis as well as an econometric analysis as to how the oral contraceptive and has contributed and effected the choice of the careers and, marriages decision for the females. The time series analysis provided that the number of high school teenagers going on to…
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Essay: Role of Parents in avoiding Teen Pregnancy

Sample Essay Aside from this the parents can also play a major role in educating their children about prevention. This can be done by openly discussing the topics with the children and inviting any inquiries and questions that may have. Mover the parents would also need to provide justifications for the reasons as to why…
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Essay: Problems faced by Meditech

Sample Essay The other problems that were being faced by the company pertained to the high levels of the finished goods inventory at Meditech. After the introduction phase, as the business process and the manufacturing unit was assessed, it was found out in almost the case of every product, that the company had more inventory…
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Essay: Problems due to teen pregnancy

Sample Essay The rationale for this position is mostly based on the fact that teen pregnancy tends to create more complex problems in the future pertaining to the education and literacy rate of the population, the increase in the crime rate and the moral ethicality of the population as a whole.