Month: January 2012

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Essay: HRM in Hotel Industry

Sample Essay Another consideration that has to be taken into accounting the management of the human resource for event management in the tourism industry is the access to trained and specialized personnel for the event management and their training on the project. Mike Burton, the HR director for the Compass Group company based in United…
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Essay: Internet used as a marketing tool

Sample Essay The internet has developed as a marketing medium, with most information being widely available.  It could be that before the dominance of the internet, academic trade shows and open days in source countries were the only way in which international students could obtain information on their prospective higher education institution.

Essay: International marketing need in UK

Sample Essay The need to market more competitively international cannot be stressed enough as the results have shown that the US is recruiting more international students, even though this could be attributed to high availability of scholarships and not the cost of tuition fees.

Essay: Hidden Job market and Pull Strategies

Sample Essay A rating of the branding strategies employed by the companies for their enterprise as well as their products and services can be performed through critical review and analysis,. This would depict my understanding of the topic as well as the grasp I have in the field. Moreover the creativity f required for brand…
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