Month: December 2011

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Essay: A study on Streptococcus Salivarius

Sample Essay These gram positive cocci colonize in the mouth soon after birth. They normally colonize the oral mucosa, the naso-pharynx and the upper respiratory tract. They are usually commensal organisms usually found in the oral cavities.

Essay: A Study on Knowledge

Sample Essay The most essential and significant aspect of the work study that was carried out, was in essence to create a higher level of awareness and knowledge among all those who participated. The knowledge that was to stem from this was not only limited to that of the academic theoretical disposition, but in fact,…
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Essay: Advertising and DVRs

Sample Essay Digital Video Recorders brought about a threat to the conventional modes of TV advertising that put concern upon marketers. DVRs gave the users a chance to altogether skip the advertisements fairly easily. According to a Forrester Research survey, over 30 million homes possess DVRs in 2009. Due to this TV commercials are being…
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Essay: Argument to Reject a Research; An Example

Sample Essay After due consideration and evaluation of the proposal for the study titled “Patient preference and clinical outcomes in patients receiving physiotherapy for back pain: A randomized controlled trial”, I recommend that the grant not be provided for this study.