Essay: The wolf in the Little Red Ridinghood

The wits of the wolf are evident for he wants to eat the girl up but cannot do so because he will attract the attention of some “woodcutters working nearby in the forest” (para. 4). He instead decides to sweet talk the young girl so that he may know where she is heading.

The wolf pretends to be friendly and that way he is able to know the exact place where Little Red Riding Hood is going. She even tells the wolf that she is taking a cake and a pot of butter to her grandmother who lives in first house in the village. Having learnt that, the wolf tells the little girl that they should take different paths to the house and see who gets there first. This way the wolf knows that he will outrun her and be able to get to the grandmother first and eat her up. The wolf succeeds in his mission and is able to trick the girl’s grandmother and gain entrance to the house where he munches the old woman. When the little girl gets to the grandmother’s house, the wolf is able to convince her to share bed although the girl has realized that her grandmother has abnormal features.

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