Essay: Wildfires in south California

The wildfires in southCaliforniain late October early November 2003, were driven by fourteen winds, which were coupled by long term dry conditions in the area. The fires killed 22 people, charred over 740,000 acres of land, destroyed 3,600 homes and destroyed property worth over $2 billion (Johnson, 2004).

Fire suppression, response and post fire rehabilitation assessment efforts were conducted by the USDA forest service remote sensing application center (RSAC). During this three week operation this service employed the use of remote sensing to obtain images from different sensors that they then provided to the Burned area Emergency Response (BAER) Clark et al., (2003). These images and data provided helped BAER to map the severity of the burned area. The data collected from the sensors in the southCalifornia case were used in emergency response and assessment.

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