Essay: The Westward Expansion

Many heeded this call leading to an opening up of western lands As a result, communities, and towns and then cities were formed in the country. The westward expansion led to what we now know as the United States of America. Without it, the country would be inconsequential in matters of size. The expansion made the US and gave it its identity as a nation with 52 states

Finally, the Civil Rights Movement brought magnanimous changes into the US and made it into what it is today. Before the movements, the country was segregated into black and white, where schools, hospitals, even buses were divided into the white and black sections. The two communities could not mingle freely. Whites stuck to their section and the blacks to theirs. Fortunately, the Civil Rights Movement wrought major changes in the system, in that whites and blacks could mingle without fear. In addition, it brought freedom to the black race and gave them equal rights as the ones enjoyed by the whites. The civil rights movement is thus important in the US today as it united the citizens of the country into one whole. This is different from the time when racism divided the country into black and white.

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