Essay: Students to become active members of society

The case studies discussed in Section B are similar in the sense that in both of them student participation is an integral part of the projects. The projects also enable the students to have a direct impact in their communities. In the first project which involved the creation of diabetes awareness the students have an impact on their community through the diabetic family pack that allows even their families to take part in the project. The students are also taught about healthy living and how to avoid diabetes and through the family packs they are able to discuss its implications in the classroom and at home.

In the second project the students are given a chance to positively impact the environment by planting trees and flowers in the park and also maintaining them. Another positive outcome of the two projects is the fact that they allow students to become active members of society in which they are taught that their ideas also count and are important in development. In the diabetic study, the project made it possible to reduce future diabetic cases. This is bound to happen when the students taught become adults and can share their knowledge with other people and also practice it. Thus it aided in curbing the spread of diabetes.

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