Essay: Reduction in Carbon Intensive Matter

In addition to the above commitment, the Australian government also needed to make commitments for the development of a process that will result in reduced carbon intensive matter.

It was expected that the future commitments under this Kyoto Protocol were to make their impact felt between the years 2013- 2017 and 2018-2021 (Pearce, 1991). These periods were thus to see a big achievement in the reduction targets in these developed countries.  These actions and commitments by the Australian government were to be fore run by certain policies. The country made it clear about its stand on the issues of carbon gas emissions. According to the target set by Australia, the greenhouse gas emission reduction targeted 75- 80%, which was to be realized by the year 2050 (Pearce, 1991). The carbon gas emission was targeted to be reduced by 60% of the total carbon dioxide emissions by mid century. Thus, mid-term and long-term goals for the reduction were set.

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