Essay: Recommendations for Human Resource Management Activities

For human resources activities and tools to be effective in the current and future workplace of Jumeirah groups of hotels, several key issues must be addressed by top management. Despite the use of information and telecommunication technologies to communicate, Jumeirah group of hotels must consider effective human resources tools to deal with cultural issues that will arise.

Human resources can manage this workforce by creating working teams that cut across the cultural line. Cross cultural teams will have the advantage of providing the hotel with a diverse workforce that will provide it with varied knowledge and skills (Sarker, Grewal & Sarker, S., 2002, p.1). This knowledge and skills will enable the hotels to better serve their clients and carry out their expansion plans effectively. Additionally, the hotel should higher employees from the local communities to cut back on recruitment costs and increase their social responsibility to these communities; they will provide local knowledge and information. Organizations that employ and recruit employees from local communities across the globe increase their specialized workforce (Sarker, Grewal & Sarker, S., 2002, p.2).

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