Essay: Realistic depiction of violence

By common sense, philosophical, value based and emotional reasoning TV turns out to be the instant answer for the previously posed question. It is one of those facts that have been established long before in everyone’s knowledge but still hasn’t gained acceptance or have developed insensitivity to the knowledge. However to solidify the fact, various research findings and major professional institutes, organizations and societies back up the fact through reliable data that a casual relationship is detected between media violence and children’s aggressive behavior. (Anderson and Bushman 2377) Often it is argued that children cartoon and video games are fantasy based; hence have lesser impact than mentioned. However, today kids programs, cartoons and games have become more graphic and real looking in depiction of violence. Studies indicate that realistic depiction of violence is more prone to be “learnt” by children.

Furthermore researches indicate US media is by far the largest source of violent content broadcasting in the world, especially as far as children are concerned. An average child watches 21-23 hours of TV in a week, and particularly on Saturday kids shows portray 20-25 acts of violence in an hour. In fact the most favorite of children’s cartoons and shows contain the highest content of violence, for example Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brings before a child 200 violence act in an hour alone. (Outerbridge 40)


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