Essay: Pierre’s Philosophy

Looking at Pierre’s philosophy it is evident that the society is very stereotypic, for the description given to the hipster community above fits the stereotypic definition. Stereotype definition as identified by Pierre, has been used by Geifer to describe the excuses used by the superior groups in the society. To these philosophers, stereotyping is used by the wealthy and those that feel superior to pretend that they are above the rest (Geifer et al. 26).

Therefore, those groups that are close to social classes will often get their social status from the sources of tastes of the group an will use disdaining remarks to promote themselves and uplift their groups. This therefore creates struggles or social conflicts as Geifer described (Geifer et al. 25). The conflict arises when social groups try to achieve social dominance there by driving social dynamics within a community where its members are associated with hipsters.

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