Essay: Physical Aspects

The physical aspects are given to him by his creator which depicts the inhumane nature of the creature and the defying of aesthetic ideals therefore giving the impression of strangeness or the element of alien. This is a dual perception of Frankenstein’s own expression of his character and self, which is very human.

Frankenstein may be ugly and socially unfit to walk the streets but he has real human emotions of hurt, rejection, revenge, jealousy and a desire to have social contact and human communication. This is very evident from the manner in which he observes and fixes on De Lacys, a family living in the woods, which he wishes to join (Johnson & Garrett, 2009). The pain he experiences from the rejection and the eventual insistence for victor to create for him a companion shows the human side of Frankenstein. The creature uncannily reveals to viewers the inner human reality where real human emotions are evident.

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