Essay: Most Obvious Effect

The most obvious effect is that this era was characterised of the use of dramatic scenes to give the audience the theatrical aspect of the facts. Therefore, Shakespeare like his predecessor over characterised Richard III disposition to gain the attention from the audience.

Typically, Shakespeare will support the facts as stated from historical chronicle sources unlike Josephine, who investigates history and critics it (Baker 11). Often an examination of historical literature like Shakespeare’s and Sir Thomas’s offers a reader an illumination to the characters from the textual, value and judgemental statements of the literary work. This illumination forms the basis for self referential allusion where readers and authors through cited historical quotes make impressions from reliable sources (Barnes 4). This is seen more in Shakespeare’s work, where many of his passages are adaptations from source chronicles (Chernaik 12). This writing style is characteristic of all writings that were created during the renaissance era where facts were used in literature (Chernaik 12). These writings are often seen to have plenty of rhetoric as was the practice of medieval writers. Hence Sir Thomas and the Tudor orthodoxy writers used rhetoric and illumination to give the audience impressions of the facts. Shakespeare’s context therefore follows this style and consequently deforms the main character, by painting him as a physically and morally distorted monster (Barnes 4).

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