Essay: Leader Provides Vision to the Organization

Firstly, to inspire the members, the leader provided the organization with a vision in which the group strives to realize. Leadership did not coerce followership rather they inspired the rest of the group members by cultivating atmosphere of honesty and trust. Besides, the members accepted the goals as they were allowed to offer different opinions freely and also due to the conviction of the group’s leaders (Natemayer & Mcmahon, .pp.265). The members believed in the cause and it was the start of overwhelming changes in the organization.

Secondly, under the process of paradigm shift in the ways of operating, the support from the leaders was imperative. This kind of a supportive leadership facilitated the work to be done in line with the objectives by providing in themselves role models for the members of the staff to learn from (Lussier & Achua, pp. 56). The leaders of the group led by example and were flexible in every environment that the group found itself in.

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