Essay: Karl Marx’s Outlook

Upon learning and understanding Karl Marx’s outlook on the emergence of commodity-form relations and the subsequent socio-economic stratification, I constantly feel the urge to make good of this knowledge to uplift my trajectory.

As a part-time intern in a prominent multinational company, the factor of production that I offer is labor for which I get wage as a reward. By virtue of its capitalistic nature, the contemporary corporate world continues to impose the commodity-form exchange of labor-for-capital on the hitherto existent working class, which I am now part of. In my reasonable estimation, the labor that I bring to the table does not receive an equitable reward given the current wage rate, nature of work and time consumed. In my experience all these are unquantifiable aspects of my effort. Worse still, the corporate capitalists still decide the amount of work that I ought to offer and the reward I get for it while I get no say whatsoever – the exploitative nature of capitalism.

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