Essay: Jumeirah’s Workplace

Since Jumeirah’s workplace will be characterized by difference systems found in the different locations, there is need to synchronize communication. Communication therefore through virtual networks can reduce the gap between teams and offer Jumeirah headquarters a chance to link up with different locations. Effective communication also entails good communication practices founded on listening and communicating skills.

Lateral communication must be encouraged between teams, workplace and employees and managers at the same level. Vertical communication is between staff at different levels of the organization structure (Otter and Emmitt, 2007, p.410). This implies that there should be open channels of communication from employees to managers and from managers to employees. This aspect must be top on HRM’s agenda for feedback on information passed is vital for the smooth running of the hotels. Channels like emails, phone calls and memos can be used more often over the roundtable lunches which will turn out to be expensive for a large workforce. These open channels will also provide the benefit of increased working relations between management and employees (Otter and Emmitt, 2007, p.411).

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