Essay: Intimate Relationship

This is because man has managed to create an intimate relationship with machine that is able to reflect the self (Turkle, 2006b). However, the ability of these machines to posses’ human emotion often driven by the spirit is still a far reaching problem.

 The ability of man to relate with technology has far reaching effects on our lives on and off screen, where we make assumptions that both worlds are separated by the ability to plug and unplug. Looking at the classic Frankenstein story, it is easy to appreciate man’s limited ability to relate to this machine. Mary Shelley can be said to have presented to the world a classic social problem that plagues man to this day (Johnson & Garrett, 2009). By humanising Frankenstein, the author projected human and socialization aspects that are still reflected to this day. Though today’s man easily embraces Frankenstein, the humanization and ability of machine to have human emotion is still a social problem. For this reason, Frankenstein still remains the ultimate monster, which the self cannot attach to no rely on (Johnson & Garrett, 2009). Frankenstein was able to reflect the problems facing machine as well as humans in the society.

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