Essay: Interview Design about the impact of BBS

Under different methods of collecting data for analysis, an interview format was drawn to obtain the required data about the impact of BBS on the Chinese student community. The interview design is important and demands careful attention as it plays a major role in obtaining respondents clear results and improving analysis efficiency. Saunders and et al. (2007) explained that it is essential to develop a knowledge related to the subject matter under study in order to facilitate researching a question. Being not only the most simple and convenient method of gathering information through an interview, the collection of data by means of interview also ensures assurance of getting personal feedback from the interviewees.

In order to achieve the task of achieving an interview style which allows a variety of responses to be analyzed the interviewer has to ensure that the interview questions are not close questions or leading in any way whatsoever. The fundamental reason for choosing an interviewer who is experienced is because he has the expertise to analyze t the body language along with the answers in order to analyze the answers. Hence, providing a 360° feedback on the use and advantages of BBS to the Chinese community and the Wemers. On one hand the interview assists in analysing the various impacts of the BBS on the Chinese community and on the other hand it assists in assessing the effect that the BBS has had on the development of the Wemer society. In other words, it provides a snapshot on how the Chinese students perceive the BBS and whether it has resulted in achieving the objectives for which it was used by the Chinese community or whether it has resulted in merely creating political unrest.

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