Essay: Intellectual property rights

Others yet observe that intellectual property rights have some limitation in the preservation and access to education.[1] There has been hindrance in the right to free expression as well as the right to cultural participation. Experts majoring on the scientific field have concluded that the progress in scientific invention is being derailed with the rules governing the protection of copyrights.[2]

IPRs have within its great achievement that include the conversion of good science into tangible benefits and their characteristics as monopolies endears them to cause tension between public good and the private profit. Consequently, they have the ability to limit the free exchange of information and ideas where science has been known to excel. It has led to conclusion by several scientists that a good balance makes provision of the necessary incentive which encourages research and development through the potential rights holders. On the other hand, it retains a high level of benefits to the community at large. While many may have respect of the IPR having fundamental gains in the society, we ought to look at the several demerits that are posed by their promulgation.

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