Essay: Important Role that the Family Plays in the Safety of Children

Essentially, child work protection focuses on the child as opposed to running the personal and family relationships. The Australian child policy has over the last decade shifted in appreciation of the important role that the family plays in the safety of children.

Therefore, child protection work in Australia centers on family preservation and sustenance of the family. Nonetheless, the focus on the family does not insinuate the involvement of public in domestic affairs.

As strategy to improve the well-being of a child, the family is important and is involved in the identification of the children on the verge of neglect and inhumane treatment of a child. Besides, the family provides the social workers with a platform upon which risk assessment is possible and ensures that successful reintegration of the abused child in the society (Ferguson, 2004). As such, the family is crucial a institution through which the government and child protection agents are able to provide a sustainable protection of victims of child abuse and neglect,

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