Essay: Importance of family involvement in child protection services

The focus of the child protection services revolves around the ability of the social workers to identify threats to safety of the child. In an effort to achieve this objective, the family institution is important and it should work closely with social workers and children agencies to foster the welfare of the children in a number of ways.

Chiefly, multiple factors lead to child abuse and neglect, majority of which, revolve around the patterns of interaction and the quality of life that a child experiences in the context of the family. Indeed, it is the main custodian of a child and should be involved in all scenarios where a child faces the threat of abuse or neglect. This includes cases where the child experiences physical, psychological, and emotional violence in the context of the family. Hence, helping the families to remain together in order to protect vulnerable young people and children from abuse is crucial. Loman (2006) that this hugely demystifies the misconception that the child protection services in Australia advances public interest in the management of personal and family relationships.

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