Essay: Importance of attitudinal changes in people

The first change introduced in dealing with people is to change the attitude with which you perceive them. Attitudinal changes are important when people with whom you interact continue to be insensitive and ‘engage in difficult behavior’ (Brinkman & Kirschner, 2002). A change in the way I perceive other people, involves seeing them differently, listening to what they say in a different manner and feeling differently about them. This will shield me from stressed reactions to other peoples’ negative behaviors. Simultaneously, it will allow me to feel powerful about the situation at hand, allowing me the will power and flexibility to calmly control the interactions and deal effectively and reasonably with people.

Another change that can be brought about in the manner I deal with people can be in accepting people as they are. In doing so, instead of wishing for other people to change, I will concentrate more on changing myself for the positive. Often, it is the ‘only if’s he/she would change’ and criticisms of the like which lead to difficult situations and misunderstandings that are hard to deal with. Thus, in changing oneself and accepting others as they are at the same time, a person will be able to effectively understand if he can ‘;accommodate to each other (i.e. Others) and get on’ (Butler, Hope & Hope, 1995). When I will change myself, the other person(s) will notice it and will adapt to it with time. Patience will be required at all stages to not be resilient in going back to the previous behavior and expecting others to change.

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