Essay: Group Therapy

Group therapy upholds the need for belongingness amongst other clients and it entails encouraging each other. Connectedness of the people during therapy is critical, as it tends to unite people with similar traumas and ailments. Association for Specialists in Group Work (2000) explains that owing to the magnitude of information and emotional and psychological security that a client stands to gain in a group environment, many clients opt to undergo through the group experience. Besides, various ethical considerations are entrenched in group therapy and may influence towards it.

Counselors establish a group work that constitutes clients with similar objectives to work together in a mutually interdependent way (Bemak & Chung, 2004).  Besides, they enhance individuals’ ability to express themselves freely. From the outset, the counselor assists the group members to interact in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Clients in the context of a group benefit from ethical guidelines that entail principles geared towards identification of common goals that they have and ways to improve their lives. In this stage, counselors inform the clients on the limits of group activities and ways to reduce risks that the process involves.

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