Essay: Group Counseling Enhances Commitment to Counseling Process

Group counseling enhances commitment to counseling process. The group process involves creation of solidarity and cohesion besides presenting an individual with a group to identify with.

In addition to promoting individual psychological healing and personal development, group forms a social entity through which clients having trouble of joining social groups in the society gets the opportunity to join. Bemak & Chung, (2004) explain that the motivation behind belongingness to a group increases the commitment of the members who encourage each other during the therapeutic process. The support that group members offer each other contributes largely towards the success of counseling since clients’ commitment increases. A rapist may lack the commitment to attend all counseling sessions in an individual counseling as they may lack motivation and people to provide the much needed push. Besides, individual counseling fails to offer such a client with a platform where they can form social groups in which they can identify with.

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